Journal Magic

Write Your Story - You'll Be Amazed

Improve Your Day and Impact Your Life

Horses naturally guide.
People naturally tell stories.

Motivate Your Day

Knowing your day will be documented, can be inspiration for finding/doing something good to write about.

Strengthen Your Memory

Time recreates our thoughts. Journaling helps to document the events in your life as they happen.

Learn from the Past 

Reading your previously written stories can show you a new way of looking at the past. It reminds you how you thought at the time.

Proof of Progress

At a glance, journaling can shift your perspective. It’s easy to forget or not notice your progress. A journaling habit provides a way to measure your growth.

All you need is a piece of paper, physical or digital will do. Then write a sentence. That’s it, journaling is this easy. Of course, you can keep writing and you can even illustrate your thoughts if you like. Capturing at least one sentence every day will also give you the benefits of journaling. It’ll help you notice patterns, improvements and progress.

Art Time Equine merges journaling with horses.

It’s a fun program that guides you through the process of reflecting on your relationship with your horse then advancing it. You’ll connect with your horse in new ways and what you’ll discover is uniquely yours.

Yes, I’m interested in the Art Time Equine journaling program, please send more info.